Want to feel confident in choosing the perfect gift every time, for any recipient, any occasion, and any budget?

Let’s ditch the guessing game. And let’s implement a strategy that will blow minds and win hearts.

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I'm sure you dislike feeling rushed, panicked, or handicapped by your budget constraints when choosing business gifts. And fretting that your gift recipients might hate what you send them doesn't make you feel any better, either.

Even though you're not sure what the return is on your gifting investment, it doesn't seem as good as you'd hoped... and you wind up wondering if all the hassle of gifting to your VIPs is really worthwhile.

It's understandable. Choosing the right gift is important, and fraught with concerns about making sure your gift isn't unwanted, inappropriate, redundant or just plain insulting.

The problem is that most people simply don't feel any confidence in choosing gifts — the more important the recipient, the more you'll tend to feel uncertain or anxious about what to give them.

And that problem arises because most people think of each gift as a one-off thing, instead of viewing them all as part of an ongoing strategy with a purpose behind it

The Power of Strategic Gifting

The Power of Strategic Gifting

Gifting has amazing potential to accelerate your company’s growth, if it's done thoughtfully and strategically.

So it's important to be intentional about your overall gifting process and create an effective gifting *strategy* instead of relying on guesswork, last-minute panic shopping or generic gift cards.

The perfect gift demonstrates how much you value the recipient and your relationship with them.

The whole point of your gifting strategy is to make your company stand out in the minds of your gift recipients, by NOT being like everyone else and giving the same meaningless gifts at the same predictable times of year. Instead, the aim is to surprise and delight so that your gifts are highly memorable, no matter what the budget or occasion.

Because when your Very Important People know that you care about them enough to give the most thoughtful, most meaningful gifts, unexpectedly and unconditionally...

...your company will benefit in so many ways:

  • You'll impress key prospects, make yourself unforgettable to new contacts, gain favor with gatekeepers, and spark high-value lifelong relationships.
  • You'll always know exactly what to choose as a gift, and your gifting occasions and budget will be planned out well in advance.
  • You'll be able to gift to the same recipient repeatedly without becoming boring or predictable, by making each gift build on the one before it so that your relationship grows stronger each time.
  • And you'll leave your gift recipients with high, yet entirely achievable, expectations of you and the brand you represent. They'll know that you adhere to the highest standards and go the extra distance to get results.

Invest in *strategic* and *sustainable* gifting, with a long-term view of the future, and your investment will naturally compound over time.

If that's what you want to do, I'd love to show you how.

How an Ohio Farm Boy Became
THE Expert in Strategic Gifting

Hi! I’m John Ruhlin, the founder of the Ruhlin Group and the author of the bestselling book Giftology.

Growing up on a farm in Ohio, I was raised with a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit. As a broke college student, I took a job selling Cutco products, and I gave it my all.

I quickly realized that to be successful in sales meant getting people to set aside a little time to talk with me. And to do that, I had to achieve two things: first, capture their attention, and second, make them decide they *wanted* to meet me.

I had no idea how to do either of those things, so I started watching how others around me built and nurtured their relationships...

...and that’s when I saw a clear pattern emerge.

It was a cycle of generosity: Those who give the most they can, get the most people can give them in return.

So I started to practice radical generosity, sending gifts to thank people in advance for *considering* meeting with me.

Before I’d even left college, I was Cutco’s top salesperson. Ever.

And it was all because I’d practiced radical generosity.

That’s the discovery that led me to found the Ruhlin Group and write the Giftology book.

Until recently, my in-depth gifting strategy insights and advice were only available to my private consulting clients, and to a lesser extent to people who read the book, visited my website, or caught up with me at live events.

For years, the one question I got asked over and over again was how to choose the perfect gift. And so I decided to try teaching a course on the topic.

To test the idea out, I ran a live online course in 2017 for a very small group of students, and the results they got were outstanding. So immediately after that test course wrapped up, I already knew I wanted to develop it further...

...and now, my team and I have refined, expanded, and updated the course into a complete Giftology program.

Meet the NEW Giftology Program

In this program, you'll learn how to come up with meaningful, unique and creative gifts... even if you have a tight budget, even if your recipient has limitations on accepting gifts, and even if you've never met the person you're gifting to.

You'll also learn how to create a long-term gifting strategy that's effective and sustainable, combining marketing and relationship nurturing into a unified strategic vision....

...If you're a founder or CEO, you'll learn how to grow your company by gifting strategically....

...If you're a marketer, salesperson or account manager, you'll learn to choose gifts that help you start and maintain high-level business relationships....

...And if you're a solo professional, no matter whether you're a realtor, financial planner or electrician, you'll learn how to attract the best clients by gifting up.

"But John, what if...?"

Are you concerned that you might not have enough time for this program?

It’s only 6 learning modules, plus a little practical homework — and you'll have access to all of the lessons in high quality video online, so you can study them from almost anywhere at almost any time. That's a pretty small commitment for a big change in your business prospects.

Or maybe you don't feel you can afford to join a program like this...

...but the truth is, your business can't afford to go any longer without a solid strategy for choosing the right gift every time. Investing in learning how to gift strategically will pay off with a cumulative effect, generating growth and wealth for years to come.

If your worry is that you hate shopping, I've got you covered.

The point of the Giftology program is for you to be able to determine what the perfect gift is for any recipient and occasion. That means you won't have to spend much time shopping at all — you'll simply make your decision and then make your purchase.

If you want to bring some of your team members or employees with you into the program, we can help with that too.

Login credentials can be shared between up to 3 participants from the same company, so that you can study the Giftology program together. (For bigger teams, you'll need additional logins — for example if you wanted to put a team of 12 people on the program, you'd need to enroll for at least 4 separate logins.)

Perhaps you're not confident that gifting will work for your business and circumstances?

If I've learned anything in all my years of strategic gifting, it's that gifting is a vital element of almost every culture known to humankind. Your job, industry, or unique situation may make gifting difficult, but it's never impossible — and the impact of the perfect gift is even greater if your gift has overcome obstacles to reach its recipient.

Ultimately, the Giftology program is designed to show you how to get tangible results that boost your bottom line, while becoming known for your thoughtful generosity.

Darren Hardy

"Giftology has not only transformed the way we gift our clients, but also how I gift in my personal life. The tools and tips offered throughout the course were insightful and game-changing. We have never received more compliments and appreciation, by those we’ve gifted, before John Ruhlin came into play. It is highly recommended that you read the book and invest in this course. Thank you for teaching us how to be different!"

Jeffrey Gitomer

"I was one of the first to take John Ruhlin’s Giftology course. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. As a marketing manager, it changed my mindset on how to change our business. Everyone is on board and loves the idea of gifting. I would recommend this course to anyone who is open minded and who wants to take their business to the next level."

Darren Hardy

"John is undoubtedly the best at what he does... and his advice in this area can help you become the best at what you do."

Shep Hyken<

"This man is a master at how to show appreciation, a master at gift giving. Not only does he sell amazing products, but now he's out teaching companies and organizations and individuals... I highly recommend John Ruhlin if you're interested in learning the art of appreciation."

Jeffrey Gitomer

"He can absolutely help you build your image and build customer loyalty... When I need something amazing for my customer or for my employees, and it's gotta be the best on the planet, I call John Ruhlin."

What's Inside the Giftology Course

Here's a quick run-through of what you'll learn in each module:

week 1

In Module 1, we'll cover the fundamental building blocks of strategic gifting — so that you're confident you're approaching it from the right perspective, and that you know the big reason WHY you're giving gifts.

week 2

In Module 2, you'll identify your key influencers — so that you can plan your future gifting strategy for each of the important people you'd like to thank, and also for influential people you'd like to get to know.

week 3

In Module 3, you'll find out how to set a practical and sustainable gift budget — so that you can actively choose to give the best gifts possible while staying in control of the budget, instead of guessing at what your company can afford each time a gifting occasion comes up.

week 4

In Module 4, you'll discover exactly how to choose the perfect gift every time — so that it always impresses and delights, no matter who it's for, and regardless of your budget. (Plus I'll show you which gifts to avoid, too.)

week 5

In Module 5, you'll learn to create effective *long term* gifting strategies and systems — so that after finding one perfect gift, you don't get stuck figuring out what to send next time to nurture the relationship further.

week 6

In Module 6, we'll discuss your ongoing strategy and next steps in gifting — so that you know what your big goals are, how to achieve them, and exactly what to do along the way.

How the Giftology Program Works

You’ll get access to the program immediately on enrollment, with login credentials to our online learning platform.

Once you’re inside, you’ll study the video lessons and supplemental resources at your own pace, completing and submitting each module’s homework assignments before moving on to the next module of the program.

Throughout your studies, you’ll be supported, guided, and encouraged by me and my team via email and also via our private online group, where you’ll be able to chat and share ideas with your fellow Giftology students.

Want to Join Us?

Enrollment is open now, and will close on Sunday, September 23.

The investment for the Giftology program is $997 (or 4 payments of $297) per student. And you're backed by my "perfect fit" guarantee:

If you enroll in the Giftology program, start attending the classes, and don't feel that the program fits your needs and your company's goals...

...simply let me know within the first 30 days that you'd like to withdraw your enrollment, and I'll refund your investment in full.


Special Gifting Strategy Bonus

To encourage you to work through the entire program and give it everything you’ve got, I’m throwing in a very special “completion bonus!”

After you submit your final homework assignment in the Giftology program, you'll become eligible for a one-to-one gifting strategy session with one of the expert Giftologists on my team.

In that call, you'll work together to figure out your best overarching strategy for gifting, and identify your best next steps to help you move towards your goals.

The Choice is Yours...

So give this some thought: What else could you do to WOW your VIPs with the perfect gift every time?

You could spend so much time browsing the aisles in stores or e-commerce websites that you barely get to do your actual job anymore... which would be a big waste of your life.

You could hire a personal shopper to think of and source gifts for everyone you want to delight... but then you still wouldn't know how to do it yourself, so you'd always be reliant on a helper.

You could keep on doing your gifting the way you always have, and keep on getting the same weak ROI... but if you were happy with weak results, you wouldn't be reading this right now.

Or you could enroll in the Giftology program today, and get all this and more:

  • In-depth training from the leading expert in strategic gifting
  • Understand who your real VIPs are and how to prioritize your gifts
  • Learn how to choose the right gift to make a lasting impression
  • Design a gifting strategy that grows your business and your bottom line
  • Claim a special "completion bonus" gifting strategy session with an expert Giftologist

Giftology is all about gifting strategically to get tangible results. I hope to see you in class so we can get those results for *your* company.

John Ruhlin
John Ruhlin

P.S. Giftology is all about gifting strategically to get tangible results. I hope you’ll join the Giftology program today so we can get those results for *your* company.

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